Ways to Keep Your RVs Clean

We all love being outdoors when we have vacations or maybe on a weekend where we want to have fun and relax. Many people prefer to enjoy these moments alone but there are those who choose to spend time with their family, for this, one of the favorite options are RVs. Special to go camping or to make a long trip to the forest, these wonderful towing vehicles are great when going out for a walk.

Being designed for complete families, the RVs are large and have many compartments or spaces, in addition, with the technological advance, many instruments and accessories that can be used in those motorhomes and facilitate the traveler’s life have been designed; among them are, for example, solar panels for RVs, exclusive for those who love to enjoy nature in an ecological way and taking care of the environment. Excellent, right? But, on the other hand, those are the reasons why cleaning them can be a bit tedious.

However, there are methods that are effective to get rid of all the dirty that we do not want to be present in our RV. As a first step, we must clean the roof and pay close attention to the elements that are in it. Use a ladder to get on your vehicle to be able to brush it, remember to take with you the cleaning implements that you will need and, if possible, ask a friend to help you hold them and pass them to you after you finish the sweep.

If the RV is made of metal, avoid using abrasive detergents to avoid oxidizing the surface; the most advisable tip in these cases is to use a non-abrasive prewash cleaner, these are generally made from natural products and does not require the product to be left on it to act as it easily penetrates the superficial dirt and softens it enough to be removed. In case the RV is made of fiberglass, you should use a solution specifically designed to clean this type of material and follow the instructions indicated on the container.

In both circumstances, the solution to be used must be applied to the surface of the ceiling directly through a sprinkler, for example, and then a soft bristle brush should be used to remove stains that are stagnant or stuck deeper. Once this step is done, you should proceed to eliminate the waste with a sponge or a cloth. This last step is very important because if you rinse the roof with water directly from the hose, the dirty can splash and soil the rest of the RV so much more; for that reason, the cleaning must necessarily start from above.

After having cleaned the roof, the next step is to wash the body. Before brushing the trailer, you should spray with water on each side to remove the dirt more easily. To this effect, it is advisable to use a hose and try to reach each corner, and then apply the chemical to use with an atomizer so that its effect manages to lift the dirt and it can be eliminated. For a professional finish, you can use foam, in the market there are many accessories that can be placed on the hose to produce this effect, for example, the foam gun. If there are deep spots, a brush should be used; also, we must pay attention to stuck insects as it is very common to find them attached to the body of the RVs. Finally, it has to be rinsed and it can be left in the sun to dry.

Next, the rims and wheels should be washed. For this purpose, the factory instructions of the rim and wheel model that is possessed must be carefully read; generally, only soap and water or some type of specific product that can be purchased in vehicle parts stores are needed. Finally, the awnings should be scrubbed, which should be opened to be able to apply on them a special cloth cleaner for the type of material with which they are made, then brush them well with a soft bristle broom and rinse to remove any residue of the product.

Remember that if you are eco-friendly and you like to take care of the environment, you can use natural products such as vinegar or baking soda. In addition, you can equip yourself with tools such as Marine Solar Battery Chargers if your plans are to go on vacation to a place where you can navigate, for example.