I have had a realization….my blog is a seasonal blog!

Not sure if I have ever read another seasonal blog…but you are reading one now.  I considered blurring the issue with different subjects and alternate posts. But I have decided to stay true to my original idea of Sonoma County Farm Desserts. Which was always to visit local farms, find the best, most interesting seasonal item, buy it, bring it home and create a dessert to share with you.

When I started down this blogging path, I naively envisioned endless months and posts of fruit and vegetable dessert possibilities. My mind never really grasped the true meaning of a seasonal blog. I understand the word in the cooking sense but I never have looked at it or really stood in a farmers shoes and considered the real meaning. Not too say that I have gotten close to understanding what it is like to be a farmer. But I definitely have a new appreciation and understanding of seasons, especially the seasons of Sonoma County.


As the rains made their way upon our shores, the farmers rushed to harvest the last crops of the season that could not withstand the heavy rains. Their stories are many and widely varied with the personal details however the plot remains the same…The tender and fragile vegetables and fruits of summer and autumn are gone. We are now left with a hearty breed that can withstand our mild but frosty winter climate. The Brassicas and and the apples, potatoes and squash that have been stored away waiting for their turn at the market.

I will still be baking over this winter season, testing out recipes to share with you. If I come across an item which has me full of inspiration I will post about it. So keep following me and I might surprise you with a post when you least expect it.

The farmers markets are taking their last late autumn breath of cool crisp morning air and the local farm stands have shut down for the winter season. The farmers have turned over their fields, harvested all but the heartiest of vegetables and planted their cover crops. The soil is ready to be regenerated and rest for a while… a very important part of the sustainable cycle.


As my family prepares for the holiday season we are taking stock of our year and counting our many blessings. We are teaching our children that the Holidays are about giving not getting. And we have been taking this time to work on many holiday projects and crafts.

Our latest creation is this Gingerbread House…

Peace, Love and Joy to you and your families…

May you be enjoy the hugs and smiles of your friends and family!